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Creating the right environment makes it more likely that change will stick

Change can feel hard.  It takes at least 18 days for us to develop a habit we have chosen to work on.  Understanding how to make it easier for habits to form and stick is crucial to the success of your company.

Organisations often fail to pay attention to the triggers for the behaviour they want to change as well as they way in which they are explicitly or implicitly rewarding the wrong behaviours.   Cultural problems such as infrequent and low-quality coaching, lack of diversity or harassment cannot be wholly fixed with a new training module or a revised policy.   Take unconscious bias training:  study after study has now shown that, on its own, this has no little to no effect on behaviour.   

If leadership teams rely solely on classroom training to change the way the organisation works and behaves, they are likely to lose time, money and credibility.  

We believe the key is understanding the real barriers to change and finding ways to address them.  

If you have had a problem with harassment and there is also a lot of after-work drinking, perhaps the place to start is changing the organisational relationship with alcohol.  We might experiment with cutting the alcohol budget at post-work events , making it easier to find and book team activities which don't involve drinking or putting in place a wider range of recognition mechanism.

Our experience means we know where to look and what could work based on the latest research.  However, solutions to complex issues will always be multi-faceted and every organisation will need something slightly different. 

If this strikes a chord with you and you want to explore a new approach to addressing a long-standing challenge, get in touch below.