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seen.heard applies behavioural design to help organisations deliver their strategic goals.

We combine business experience and academic research to develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions where they will have most impact on results.

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If you are leading an organisation which plans to implement change, whether this is because of a new strategy, policy, process or system, thinking about the design of the change right at the start of the programme rather than just before implementation starts will increase the chances that you deliver the desired results.  And as cycles of change accelerate, well-designed change can enable the organisation to keep pace and reduce the chances of change fatigue. 

How can behavioural science be applied to change design?  Once there is clarity on the desired outcomes, it helps identify ways to achieve changes in behaviour, drawing on principles such as simplicity, salience, norms, incentives and defaults, by creating interventions which are much more likely to work because they demand far less conscious effort from the individual.

We work by:

  • Helping senior executives define the problem they are trying to solve and the new behaviours that need to be adopted throughout the organisation
  • Understanding what is really happening now and what barriers exist to achieving the desired outcomes 
  • Working with you to identify all the changes that could be made at a systemic level which could include restructuring supplier contracts, shifting organisational norms or making certain information much easier to find and use
  • Testing these interventions to see what difference they make 
  • Focusing  higher-touch individual and team-level change support on the remaining gaps

If you are interested in this innovative way of delivering your strategic change agenda, we’d love to work with you: get in touch.