What we deliver


seen.heard applies behavioural design to help organisations deliver their strategic goals.

We combine business experience and academic research to develop cost-effective and sustainable solutions which deliver results

Behavioural science draws on research in the areas of economics, psychology and ethics to find new ways to address sticky problems.   It can be used to improve the way individuals coach, teams make decisions and organisations grow and retain their people.    Behavioural science recognises the role of our inherent biases, the situation and social influences in determining what we do and don't do.  It acknowledges the extent to which we spend time operating from the unconscious rather than the conscious mind.  

The transition to manager is seldom well-supported.   We use behavioural science research and design to create targeted programmes which help new managers on the job.   One specific area of focus is first-time women managers.  Research shows that there is a confidence gap of up to 20 percentage points between men and women early in their career.  We have worked with Hayley Bennett, a diversity and inclusion expert, to create Leading with Confidence, a programme designed to close the confidence gap and contribute to the retention of a diverse talent pool.  If you are struggling to hold on to your female talent, contact us.