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seen.heard applies behavioural design approaches to help organisations deliver their strategic goals.

We combine business experience and academic research to develop cost-effective and sustainable approaches to improving ways of working where they will have most impact on results.

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If you are leading an organisation which needs to grow faster, improve operational performance, attract and retain a more diverse workforce  or increase employee engagement, well-designed change interventions will accelerate the delivery of results. 

All organisations are operating in a challenging environment. Shareholders want to see evidence that they can deliver growth in a dynamic competitive environment, where public scrutiny of ethics and standards continues to increase. Successful delivery of new products and services and a consistently good customer experience requires effort from multiple teams and third-parties while digital technologies change the way information is received, jobs are done and collaboration is achieved. Attracting and retaining talent is critical and delivering a strong talent agenda makes new demands on everyone managing teams of people.

This demands a different way of thinking about transformation and change. The era of systems-driven transformation, where a burning platform triggers a period of intense, programme-managed activity to reach a new stable end state, is over. The classic definitions of change as either ‘top-down’ or ‘bottom-up’ no longer work. Organisational resilience will not be achieved through org charts, role descriptions and classroom training. Successful organisations will have norms, systems and ways of working which make them alert, nimble and adaptive, delivering competitiveness year-in, year-out.

What is the role of behavioural design? Once there is clarity on the desired outcomes, behavioural design identifies ways to achieve them, drawing on principles such as simplicity, salience, norms, incentives and defaults to create interventions which are much more likely to work because they demand far less of the individual.

We work by:

  • Helping senior executives create a clear sense of purpose and identify the behaviours they need to adopt and make visible through the organisation
  • Identifying changes needed at the systemic level, which could include restructuring supplier contracts, shifting organisational norms or making certain information much easier to find and use
  • Designing a workplace that enables people to focus on what matters most, make the vast majority of decisions and changes in their regular work teams and get support quickly for anything that needs escalating
  • Equipping mid-level leaders with the coaching and communication skills to develop their teams and manage their stakeholders

If you are interested in this innovative way of delivering your strategic change agenda, we’d love to work with you: get in touch.